CIRED Ljubljana Workshop 2018

Workshop 2018 on microgrids and local energy communities

About Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a green city, friendly for its residents and visitors alike. Its social and environmental awareness have a long tradition that you will feel with every step, and it is no coincidence that the city was named the European Green Capital of 2016. The cityscape, guarded by the prominent Ljubljana Castle, was shaped by the widely-celebrated architect Jože Plečnik. Whether you are a lover of culture and art or seek culinary delights, Ljubljana has something to offer that will not fail to impress.

Located in the heart of Slovenia, it is easily accessible by plane, train, busses and car. 

Ljubljana airport (LJU) is located 25km away from the city centre. 

How to reach Ljubljana

Ljubljana airport (LJU) is located 25km away from the city centre. 

How to get from the airport to the city center?

By public bus

Pre-reserved transfer service : These services must be booked online in advance, they are in commun use in Slovenia and are not expensive. 
Goopti company provides this kind of services :

By Taxi : Taxis waiting in the airport line are the most expensive, the fare is about 40-45 euros from airport to Ljubljana city centre.
You can also order in advance taxis that will be waiting for you at the airport, for a fare of about 20-25 euros. 
Taxi Laguna or Taxi Legende can provide this service. 

More information on how to access Ljubljana

Other airports

Others airports can be used to reach Ljubljana : 

Graz airport in Austria (GRZ), Venice airport in Italy (VCE), Trieste airport in Italy (TRS) and Zagreb airport in Croatia (ZAG). 

These airports have no public access to Ljubljana but you can pre-reserve transfer services (for example Goopti). You can access Ljubljana from these airports in 1 or 2 hours. 

Munich airport in Germany (MUC) is also possible, but the journey lasts 4 hours. 



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